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We’re Mike and Donna -- a healthy and physically active retired couple.  We like to think that every day is an adventure, and we try to live with that in mind, but you know how that goes! 

We’re so glad you stopped by and hope our adventures are informative and entertaining.  Mostly, though, we hope it inspires you to begin or continue your own adventure.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, don’t be shy!  We’d love to hear from you.  Our email addresses are below.

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What's New!

First 18 Days


We've been on the road for 18 days.  We started with a wonderful Easter weekend visit with our children in DC and Alexandria.  From there we traveled to a Horizons Unlimited travelers meeting in Appomattox, VA.  Then off to more relatives in Raleigh, NC.

Now it is just the three of us...Donna, Mike, and the Happy Camel.  Let the adventures begin!!

Be sure to check out Donna's reflections on our trip to date in the blog section.

We're Off!


We have finally loaded the Happy Camel and said our goodbyes in Connecticut to begin our travels.

You can follow our travels here.  If you see us heading toward one of your favorite "must see" places, be sure to let us know.  We're always up for exploring new things!

Check our blog for a little more information about our trip.

New Wisdom From The Road


We added some more of our favorite signs and posters we've seen here.

Be Kind∙Be Curious∙Be Courageous∙Sprinkle Joy Along The Way

Donna and Mike



“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

~ Anonymous

As we travel about, we hope to bring a little joy to those we pass along the way or have the good fortune to spend time with.  One glimpse of our trusty Ural Gear-Up Sidecar Motorcycle, the Happy Camel, brings a smile, a twinkle and a longing to fulfill a dream. 


Initially, our aspirational plan was to travel for about a year on our Happy Camel, departing from our home in Connecticut as far north as the Arctic Ocean and as far south as the Antarctic Ocean.  

We planned, we studied, we followed other (much younger) folks on their adventure, and we assured our family members and friends we’d be safe, stay in touch and all would be grand.

Then we hit the road.  We started with journeys lasting just a few days to several weeks, getting comfortable with a packing strategy, dividing and conquering responsibilities, camping, not camping, potential safety and mechanical concerns and, oh, so many other things.  We tried different ways of dealing with the day-to-day physical stuff – eating, hydrating, sleeping, and moving our (aging) bodies. 

It was exhilarating and joyful.  We learned so much about ourselves, our partnership and how little effort it takes to bring joy to others - and to ourselves!  There was so much magic and so much love and joy here, but something was off…

Mike was in heaven!  Donna (the health and nutrition coach) discovered that spending long days in a sidecar for extended periods of time was less than joyful.

So, a revised plan was born.  We’ll now depart from our home in Connecticut in mid-April 2019 and head to a multi-day gathering of like-minded travelers (check it out at www.horizonsunlimited.com).  From there, we’ll head west to enjoy some of our country’s amazing National Parks.  While our trusty Camel will get us to these parks, our very able bodies will be doing the legwork!  We don’t know what will happen after that, and we don’t need to know.   We’ll just joyfully take it all in - moment by moment and day by day.  After all, it’s about the journey not the destination.  

It is our hope that we inspire joy, kindness, curiosity and courage in you too!

With deep gratitude,

Donna and Mike

How It Began...

The idea was hatched on August 2, 2015 at dinner after a totally relaxing summer day...


Actually we originally talked about a camper or small trailer.  Mike's first choice would have been by motorcycle.  But, Donna was not enthusiastic about a 2-wheel vehicle.  Then Mike remembered Donna's attraction to a Ural sidecar at a motorcycle show number of years prior.  And, the rest is history!

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